Restoring Case-sensitive HFS+ Volumes with Time Machine

I've always formatted my Mac OS partitions with case sensitivity enabled, which usually means formatting a new system and re-installing Mac OS X as soon as I get it. After installing the 10.6.2 update, I lost my system menu bar icons and was forced to restore from a 10.6.1 backup made the day before.

Following Apple's instructions, I booted to the Snow Leopard installation DVD, chose the "Restore System from Backup" option and thought I was on my way. About 50% into the recovery, the recovery application crashed:

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Apple PowerBook G4 12"

My new 12" PowerBook arrived yesterday. I've been wanting to switch (back) to a PowerBook for a while to have working niceities such as Bluetooth, Firewire, iMovie, Automator, etc. The 15" PowerBook i had before was too big for me to carry around everywhere, so I figured a 12" would be somewhat comparable to my X40.

The first thing I did when it arrived was re-partition it to make a 6GB partition for OpenBSD and reinstall Mac OS on the large partition. I played around in Mac OS and got everything setup, but when I tried to install OpenBSD in its partition, the disklabel was occupying the entire drive space (even though the OpenBSD partition was only 6GB in fdisk) and it decided to format the entire drive. By the time I realized what it was doing it had already screwed everything up.

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January 4th, 2004

I gave up on making the kernel emulate right-clicking from the keyboard since X11 already has all of this built in. Someone on the ppc@ list hinted at binding PointerButton2 and Pointer_Button3 with xmodmap.

This is basically what I'm using now, to have middle and right mouse buttons through the Apple/flower key and the square 'Enter' key, respectively:

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December 18th, 2003

Someone on the ppc@ list posted about a CVS tree containing drivers for a lot of macppc hardware that hasn't been committed to NetBSD yet. I took his snapper and i2s drivers and whacked them into shape to link into OpenBSD. The snapper0 and audio0 drivers attach, but the kernel panics in the DMA code when trying to play audio.

My iMic finally arrived, so I kind of stopped working on making the internal snapper work. With functioning sound, I've been able to boot into OpenBSD at work. konq-e sucks, though, but Mozilla doesn't work so I'm stuck with it for now.

December 1st, 2003

I finally got X working on my PowerBook!

After reviewing Linux kernel and XFree86 code for weeks, hacking the hell out of radeon_base.c adding random debugging everywhere, searching mailing lists for clues, and lots of guessing, I finally did the make && startx that resulted in a clean display coming up.

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