Video: C Programming on System 6 - Intro

posted on thursday, october 1st, 2020 with tags mac, retrocomputing, and video
last updated on tuesday, october 20th, 2020
part of C Programming on System 6 series

I've been writing an IMAP client for and on my Mac 512Ke over the past many weeks. Taking inspiration from Andreas Kling's excellent YouTube videos documenting his development of the Serenity operating system, I thought I'd start screencasting some of my work.

This video is the first of hopefully many and presents a quick introduction to System 6, HFS resource forks, THINK C 5.0, and a look at some of the progress of my IMAP client so far.

Video notes:

Unfortunately I can't do a live digital capture of the screen of my Mac, so I have to record its monitor with my phone in front of it. While this also allows the phone's front-facing camera to record me narrating the video, the phone blocks my view of the monitor so I have to look at it through the phone which is awkward.

I have no interest in hosting my videos on YouTube or dealing with drive-by comments there, so please contact me with any feedback or questions for future videos. You can subscribe to my RSS feed to be notified of new videos and my other posts.

Update (2020-10-14): I've created an IRC channel on Freenode Libera Chat called #cyberpals if you are interested in following along with this series and have questions or would like to help others. I'm in the channel as jcs.

Questions or comments? E-mail me or tweet at @jcs.