Video: C Programming on System 6 - Debugging a Crash

posted on oct 8th, 2020 with tags mac, retrocomputing, and video
part of C Programming on System 6 series

Returning to the development of my IMAP client, in this video I add functionality to fetch the default mailbox name from the resource file (later to be moved to a preferences window) and then eventually locate a crash in the IMAP protocol parser from a bogus memmove.

Video notes:

  • I should probably just use memcmp for a bounded comparison instead of strcmp.

I am finding it difficult to do development while also talking to the camera. I’m not sure if it’s the pressure to say something while I’m thinking or reading code, or the detachment of looking at my Mac’s screen through my iPad’s screen which makes it feel “not real”. I’m sure it will come easier with time.

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