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We are friends, hello.

My biographical information has moved to my /now page and is updated more frequently.

I can be contacted through my accounts on various services:

Unless you are a recruiter, I welcome your non-spam e-mail. If you are contacting me about one of my projects, please visit that project's page first as there may be better ways of getting help or reporting problems such as a mailing list, bug tracker, or by contacting someone else entirely.


This is my personal website that I have been updating since 1999, though it mostly updates itself now by aggregating data from other websites.

This website previously lived at the and domains, starting out as a Perl CGI-driven site, then rewritten in PHP various times, then Ruby on Rails, then Sinatra, and ultimately again in Ruby on Rails. Much of the data here is fetched from my accounts on other websites that I use, then processed and archived in a local MariaDB SQL database.