Advice for Operating a Public-Facing API

I've been operating Pushover's public-facing API for over a decade now and I thought I'd pass on some advice for those creating a new API.

Pushover's API might be unusual in that it is used by a wide range of devices (embedded IoT things, legacy servers, security cameras, etc.) and HTTP libraries, rather than mostly being accessed from JavaScript in the latest web browsers. It also doesn't process sensitive financial information, so the advice given here may not be applicable to something operating like Stripe's API.

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Taking a Better Photo of a CRT Screen with a Phone

As a frequent reader of the retrobattlestations and VintageApple subreddits, I see a lot of photos of CRT screens that show significant scanlines resulting in images like the one on the left.

With a simple post-processing tip on the iPhone (though there is probably a similar technique for Android phones), it's easy to fix this photo after it's been taken so it looks like the one on the right:

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Writing and Running a BBS on a Macintosh Plus

In 2015, I wrote a custom BBS server in Ruby and had been using it to run my Kludge BBS on a small OpenBSD server in my home office since then.

Last year after writing a lot of C on my Macintosh Plus, I had the itch to write a new BBS server so I could move my BBS to run on another Mac Plus. As with all software development projects, it took quite a bit longer than expected, but last month I finally got far enough with the development to deploy the new BBS on a Mac Plus.

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Live Streaming a Macintosh Plus (or Any Compact Mac)

Since recording a handful of C Programming on System 6 videos, I've occasionally wanted to live-stream the more casual daily programming being done on my Macintosh Plus. After getting all of the pieces together, I now have a working self-hosted broadcasting setup.

If I happen to be programming on my Mac right now, you can watch here at my website.

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Debugging an ioctl Problem on OpenBSD

I was trying to use a V4L2 Ruby module on my OpenBSD laptop but ran into a problem where sending the V4L2 ioctls from this module would fail, while other V4L2 programs on OpenBSD worked fine.

Since I got a few questions recently about kernel development and debugging, I thought I'd write up how I finally tracked it down and fixed it. (Spoiler: it was not an OpenBSD problem.)

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Video: C Programming on System 6 - A New On-Disk Database Format

It's a new year and my old computer is still old.

A bug in Amend caused it to crash during a commit, which corrupted the repo beyond repair. I quickly came to realize that using resource files as a database for Amend and my new BBS was a bad idea. I NIH'd the problem and created my own file format that will be a bit more resilient to crashes and partial writes.

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