joshua stein via - Feb 08 2021 11:08:25

Google: let's offer critical services that people will depend on, and do it for free so we can gain the most users, eliminate competition, and mine our users' data to sell them ads

Also Google: we hAvE Too mAnY uSERs To aCTUaLLy ProViDe REaL SUppoRT tO THem

joshua stein via - Jan 15 2021 17:19:54

Trying out OpenBSD on the ThinkPad X1 Nano

Works so far: Wifi, video, touchpad, audio
Not working: Suspend (no S3)

Keyboard is a short throw but feels good, not much different than I remember my X1 Carbon feeling

Doesn't seem to get too hot or have a loud fan, no coil whine