Video: C Programming on System 6 - A New On-Disk Database Format

It's a new year and my old computer is still old.

A bug in Amend caused it to crash during a commit, which corrupted the repo beyond repair. I quickly came to realize that using resource files as a database for Amend and my new BBS was a bad idea. I NIH'd the problem and created my own file format that will be a bit more resilient to crashes and partial writes.

Video notes:

  • This video is very long and I kept getting interrupted, so it's in three parts of decreasing enthusiasm. I am very tired these days.
  • When talking about my C library, I meant memmove and BlockMove instead of memcpy and BlockCopy.
  • Twitter thread about my new Mac Plus
  • Apparently holding Option while dragging files in Finder does in fact copy them in System 6, but Option must be pressed before clicking the mouse button, which may explain why it didn't work for me in the past.

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