joshua stein via - Sep 02 2020 15:11:38

I bought a Mac 512k for parts and upon opening it, I discovered it has a Mac Rescue board installed which adds Mac Plus ROMs, SCSI, 4mb of RAM, and an 800k floppy drive. Glad I just upgraded my 512ke to 1mb 😕

joshua stein via - Aug 15 2020 20:24:12

With 1024kb of RAM, I can finally run MacTCP, MacPPP, and a client application to natively use the internet with the Mac's own IP stack (NATed through my OpenBSD firewall via pppd).

That just seems so much cooler than offloading all the IP to a Wifi232 pretending to be a modem.

joshua stein via - Jun 20 2020 08:17:29
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