joshua stein via - Apr 21 2021 16:45:24

Also, I don't get why Microsoft limits AMD models to the Ryzen 5 with only one color and small SSD, but if you just go through their small business store, you can opt for Ryzen 7 and 1Tb SSD

joshua stein via - Apr 21 2021 16:45:23

It seems weird to me that it has an AMD CPU/GPU but the WiFi is still Intel

With SMT enabled, you get 16 cpu devices which seems kinda crazy on a laptop:

cpu15: AMD Ryzen 7 Microsoft Surface (R) Edition, 1996.25 MHz, 17-60-01

joshua stein via - Apr 21 2021 16:45:22

Surface Laptop 4 Ryzen 7 (16Gb/1Tb) review after 15 minutes:
- Feels very MacBook Pro 2015; larger/heavier than it should be, big bezel, but good keyboard and quiet touchpad
- OpenBSD compatibility is nil; no keyboard, no battery status, no S3, amdgpu bombs, but iwx wifi works

joshua stein via - Apr 20 2021 22:01:23

I needed to monitor how far `gzip -d dump.sql.gz` was, long after I started it (without pv):

$ ruby -e 'loop do n = `fstat -o dump.sql.gz`.split("\n").last.split(" ")[8].split(":").map(&:to_i); printf("%0.2f%%\n", (n[1] / n[0].to_f) * 100.0); sleep 1; end'

joshua stein via - Apr 15 2021 10:34:26

I guess if you don't update your app in many years, Apple will do an update for you to keep it running.

"This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate."