joshua stein via - Mar 25 2021 18:34:12

The spacebar on my X1 Nano was not always registering so I sent it in for repair on the 10th. I got it back today and they also replaced the battery and entire upper lid with display (including my rad OpenBSD sticker) despite these things working fine when I sent it in. Weird.

joshua stein via - Mar 07 2021 23:05:48

I wrote some terminal emulation code for an ESP8266 connected to an RA8875 and I had to make it render my favorite ANSI art

joshua stein via - Feb 16 2021 17:05:40

Which 3D printer should I buy? I have no experience with this stuff but I want something that can print fairly large things (a foot tall?) with high quality. I'm not concerned about noise or speed. Maybe under $500?