joshua stein via - Jun 10 2021 21:16:07

to boot the Remarkable in USB mass storage mode. Then mount the correct partition (3rd), rm the broken systemd files I made, then unmount and restart the device. All of that done one-handed while using the other to keep the pins connected to the pads.

But, success!

joshua stein via - Jun 10 2021 21:16:00

to put the device into its boot loader state where a USB HID device attaches over the Micro-USB connection. Then while still holding the pins down firmly with one hand, use the other hand to remove the resistor and run a Linux binary which uploads some magic fairy dust \

joshua stein via - Jun 10 2021 21:16:00

I was messing around with systemd files on my Remarkable tablet and put it into a reboot loop.

Recovery required sourcing a USB-C breakout board, connecting two pins through a 10K resistor, plus a Micro-USB breakout board held to the pogo pin pads in just the right position \

joshua stein via - May 25 2021 22:22:45

New freenode opers are making sure this fracturing doesn't happen by driving all of their remaining users off the network with aggressive takeovers of channels that mention libera in the topic.

Here's a bot shutting down #openbsd with 570 users in it:

joshua stein via - May 21 2021 12:26:22

Apple: we customized the default wallpaper and accent color to the precise hue of blue of your new iMac to match your blue keyboard and touchpad

Also Apple: installing Big Sur on that 3.5" spinning hard drive, eh?

joshua stein via - May 20 2021 09:06:11

I predict this freenode/libera split will fracture many communities. There's no staking of channels so those that moved first and created them may not be the same that own the freenode channels, some users won't move, and there will be split communities with different ownership.