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November 2008

watching the web discover

posted to writings on nov 29th, 2008 with tag web

the buzz around and traffic to is slowing down now and i'm amazed how many people responded positively and thought it was actually useful.

while talking to dave about it yesterday, he remarked something along the lines of, "of all the awesome, useful shit you've ever made, the thing that finally became famous was this stupid little site."

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October 2008

transient messages

posted to writings on oct 29th, 2008 with tag web

i added geolocation functionality to is it going to rain? so it will try to find your zipcode the first time you visit.

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September 2008


posted to writings on sep 13th, 2008 with tags iphone, todo, and web, last updated on sep 13th, 2008

here are some ideas i've been thinking about but am too busy/lazy/stupid to implement:


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August 2008

i should have been i before we became we

posted to writings on aug 19th, 2008 with tag web, last updated on aug 19th, 2008

amazon's wish list system has a "universal wish list button" feature now so you can add things from other websites. i wonder which silly web 2.0 startup they put out of business with this addition.

i've been using amazon's wish list for the past 6 years to add books that i hear about and plan on buying myself later. now i can add all those non-amazon things that i plan on wasting money on, like a supercharger for my exige.

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July 2008

songs with words

posted to writings on jul 28th, 2008 with tags music and web

i made a muxtape. it is mostly songs with words. i am not really sure why i picked these, but picking 12 songs out of my 4700 in ichoones is hard.

i will probably make another one with songs without words, and maybe one of old idm stuff.

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