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September 2012

I remember the first time I drove a moon crane

posted to writings on sep 30th, 2012 with tags adam, dave, karting, and me

After another stretch of not karting for almost 2 years, Dave, Adam and I went karting at Chicago Indoor Racing's Addison facility. I won the 3 races on track 7 with a 15.993, 15.800, and then a 15.743. I, Adam, and Dave set the 3 fastest times of the week with 15.743, 15.855, and 15.909, although looking at our last races on what would appear to be the same track configuration, Dave and I were running quite a bit faster back then. Maybe we've all just gotten heavier in 2 years.

Two employees asked if they could race with us because "we looked fast" and I was able to stay ahead of them each time, but maybe they were going easy on us.

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August 2011

A Collision at Sea Can Ruin Your Day

posted to writings on aug 24th, 2011 with tags birthday and me

Another year, another dollar. This past year felt long but rather uneventful. While I was 28:

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March 2010

the setup

posted to writings on mar 28th, 2010 with tags mac, me, openbsd, and setup

since i will never be interviewed for the setup, i have interviewed myself.

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August 2009

having been destroyed, it is now indestructible

posted to writings on aug 7th, 2009 with tags karting and me

dave wanted to go karting, so we went to cir. i haven't been there in a year but the track 1 configuration is still the same. i placed 1st in all 3 races, setting the best lap time of the week on the first race with a 15.07. the pro karting guy (you can always tell who they are because they show up with their own nomex suits) that placed second must have got mad that i beat him, so he did the next race (with only 3 other people) and set a new week-best of 14.77. i got my best down to 15.02 on the second race, and then a 15.26 on the third race with a kart that had a really loose throttle cable.

though now that my helmet has a tinted visor, everything is kind of dark in an indoor karting track. luckily there were no turtle shells or banana peels to avoid.

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July 2008

My history with OpenBSD

posted to writings on jul 30th, 2008 with tags me and openbsd

I received an e-mail asking me how I got started with OpenBSD, so I thought I'd write the answer here in case anyone else wanted to read it.

I started using OpenBSD in 1998 (version 2.3 or 2.4) to host a BBS that I was running. I chose OpenBSD because of its security record and because I was getting fed up with Linux (Slackware) at the time. I think the machine was a Pentium 75 or something, and OpenBSD worked quite well on it. During the course of building the BBS, I had to install some 3rd party software, so I got interested in OpenBSD's ports system to make installation of that software cleaner. I submitted some ports to the ports@ mailing list and got them committed by other developers. I tested others' ports and supplied feedback where I could. I hadn't done much unix development back then, so writing simple makefiles for ports was an easy way to get involved.

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