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November 2018

OpenBSD in Stereo with Linux VFIO

posted to writings on nov 12th, 2018 with tags debugging, laptops, linux, and openbsd and commented on 11 times

I use a Huawei Matebook X as my primary OpenBSD laptop and one aspect of its hardware support has always been lacking: audio never played out of the right-side speaker. The speaker did actually work, but only in Windows and only after the Realtek Dolby Atmos audio driver from Huawei was installed. Under OpenBSD and Linux, and even Windows with the default Intel sound driver, audio only ever played out of the left speaker.

Now, after some extensive reverse engineering and debugging with the help of VFIO on Linux, I finally have audio playing out of both speakers on OpenBSD.

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September 2014

Remotely Installing OpenBSD on a Headless Linux Server

posted to writings on sep 12th, 2014 with tags linux and openbsd, last updated on sep 6th, 2014

I recently activated a new dedicated server that came preinstalled with Linux, as the hosting provider didn't support OpenBSD. Since they also didn't provide an IP-based KVM without purchasing a dedicated hardware module (though most of the IP-KVMs I've used recently require interfacing with some terrible Java-based monstrosity anyway), I needed a way to remotely install OpenBSD over the running Linux server.

I've previously used YAIFO to do remote OpenBSD installations, which basically adds an SSH daemon to the OpenBSD installer image and brings up a network interface that is manually configured before compiling the image. The image is then dd'd directly to the hard drive while running whatever OS is on the system, the system is rebooted, and if all went according to plan, the machine will boot into OpenBSD and present you with SSH access so you can run the installer.

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