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August 2011

An Ecobee Automation Hack

posted to writings on aug 29th, 2011 with tags apple, ecobee, and ruby

I've had an Ecobee thermostat in my house and now in my apartment for a number of years. It's a touchscreen thermostat equipped with 802.11 wireless that can be remotely adjusted and monitored from Ecobee's website as well as iPhone and Android applications. While the expected use case might be monitoring the temperature of one's home while at work, I often lazily use the phone applications while at home when I'm too cold to get out of bed to turn the heat up. Also, while Ecobee's website touts its "green" features and energy savings, working from home has always meant being unable to use automated work/home schedules and instead having to hold the same temperature all day. With some Ruby code and SNMP, I am now able to automatically detect when I am home and when I leave the apartment, and adjust the temperature automatically.

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