May 22nd, 2004

This morning, I woke up early and stumbled over to the computer. My VT510 was blank, which is never good. It either means I lost power or is down. I hit a key and see this scrolled over and over:

May 22 05:24:02 /bsd: sd1(ahc1:1:0):  DEFERRED ERROR, key = 0x3
May 22 05:24:02 /bsd: sd1(ahc1:1:0): Check Condition on opcode 0x2a
May 22 05:24:02 /bsd:     SENSE KEY: Media Error
May 22 05:24:02 /bsd:    INFO FIELD: 135000499
May 22 05:24:02 /bsd:      ASC/ASCQ: Write Error - Auto Reallocate Failed
May 22 05:24:02 /bsd:      FRU CODE: 0x1

Which all stop at around 5:30. sd1 is the new /mirror drive which I just upgraded to a month or so ago. After a shower I went to DLS with the old /mirror drive to bring the server back up, but my keycard wouldn't open any of the doors at the NOC. Maybe i'm being fired…

After copying as much data off the bad drive as I could, I went to Best Buy to pick up a PCMCIA SD/MMC card adapter. There were 4 cashier lanes open, so I picked the one with only one guy in line. Sure enough, he has some stupid credit problem so the cashier has to call for someone else to help. I look at the lane next to me and two people get in line there. I'm still standing in line waiting for the dumb shit to figure out how to use his cash register and the people next to me are already gone. Someone else gets in line, so I switch lanes and get behind him. As soon as I do, someone gets in the lane I was just in and that first guy that was there is now gone and the person that just got in line there is now being helped. It was like something that would happen to Al Bundy.

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