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WiFiStation: Parallel Protocol

WiFiStation connects to the MailStation over 8 data pins (D0 - D7), two output control pins (Line Feed, Strobe), and two input status pins (Busy, Ack).

Parallel port pinout

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Sending and Receiving

At idle, both Strobe and Line Feed control lines should be set to low.

Sender Receiver
Raise Strobe control line  
  See high Busy status line
  If Ack status line is also high, bail
  Raise Line Feed control line
See high Ack status line  
Write data byte on 8 data lines  
Lower Strobe control line  
  See low Busy status line, read data lines
  Lower Ack status line
See low Ack status line  

Each side should poll the Busy status line and whenever it goes high, read a byte using the process described above.

Z80 Assembly

Please see the wifi.s module in msTERM for read and write routines.