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WiFiStation: Flash Loader

WSLoader loads programs received over the parallel port into RAM, and then executes them.

Flash Loader is loaded by WSLoader and then acts as a second-stage loader, accepting another program over the parallel port but then writes everything it receives to flash.

Running Flash Loader

Run WSLoader, then send it flashloader.bin with sendload or upload it through the HTTP interface (if enabled).

Note that the flash page that the Flash Loader writes to is hard-coded in the program and defaults to page #0 (0x0000), so you must change DATAFLASH_PAGE in flashloader.asm and then re-link it if you want to store a program at a different slot.

Once Flash Loader is running, the "New Mail" light will illuminate just to indicate that it's running and waiting for input.

Use sendload again or upload your program through the HTTP interface and Flash Loader will write it to flash, then reboot. Upon reboot, you should see your new program with its icon in the Yahoo! menu at the slot specified in Flash Loader.