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WiFiStation AT Commands

  • ATDL?: Show the last dialed host
  • ATDL: Dial the last dialed host
  • ATDS n: Dial a bookmarked Telnet host n stored with AT&Zn (e.g., ATDS 1)
  • ATDT n: Dial a Telnet host n (e.g., ATDT
  • ATH: Hangup when connected to a telnet host, while in command mode (+++)
  • ATI: Print information like WiFi SSID, IP address, firmware version, etc.
  • ATO: Switch to online mode, while in command mode when already connected to a Telnet host
  • ATZ: Reboot the firmware
  • AT$HTTP=0: Disable the HTTP interface (default)
  • AT$HTTP=1: Enable the HTTP interface
  • AT$NET=0: Disable Telnet IAC escaping
  • AT$NET=1: Enable Telnet IAC escaping (default)
  • AT$PASS=n: Set the WiFi WEP/WPA passphrase to n (e.g., AT$PASS=hunter2)
  • AT$PINS?: Enter debugging mode for diagnosing parallel port pins
  • AT$SB=n: Change serial baud rate to n of 110, 300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, or 115200 (e.g., AT$SB=57600)
  • AT$SCAN: Scan for and list the nearby WiFi networks
  • AT$SSID=n: Change WiFi network name (SSID) to nn (e.g., AT$SSID=example)
  • AT$TTS=nxm: Change Telnet NAWS value of screen width to n and height to m (e.g., AT$TTS=64x15)
  • AT$TTY=n: Change Telnet TTYPE value of terminal type to n (e.g., AT$TTY=ansi)
  • AT$UPDATE?: Check the OTA server for a firmware update
  • AT$UPDATE: Perform an OTA firmware update
  • AT$UPDATE!: Perform an OTA firmware update, even if the version reports to be the same number
  • AT$UPLOAD n: Prepare to receive an upload of n bytes to transfer to MailStation, echoing an XOR checksum every 32 bytes (usually used with sendload)
  • AT&W: Store all settings in flash
  • AT&Zn=m: Bookmark the Telnet host m in entry n, where n is 1 to 3, to be used with ATDSn (e.g., AT&

All AT$n= commands also accept AT$n? to print out the current value rather than changing it.