joshua stein via - May 20 2022 12:49:04

I guess I shouldn't complain since the computer arrived in good condition, but packing a box with spray foam makes it nearly impossible to open and makes a huge mess

joshua stein via - May 02 2022 14:35:03

I added DaynaPORT SCSI/Link network device emulation to the PCE emulator so it can use the internet just like my real Mac Pluses (which have real DaynaPORT SCSI/Link-3s)

joshua stein via - Apr 18 2022 16:50:05

Yeah printf debugging is cool but what about
1. change one line of code
2. compile app
3. upload to App Store Connect
4. wait for it to process and become available in TestFlight
5. install on phone and watch from TestFlight
6. test change, goto 1
Now on the 8th iteration today