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November 2013

Some Android phone reviews

posted to writings on nov 6th, 2013 with tags android, motox, and nexus, last updated on nov 21st, 2013

I recently decided to upgrade my Galaxy Nexus to something with a better camera. I liked much about the HTC One Mini, but I refuse to get a phone with logos on the front of it, so that ruled out the HTC One and all of the Samsung phones.

I first got the Moto X Developer Edition which only comes in one color: a black front with a white "woven" design which is just kind of cheap. The phone is plastic but with a solid feel. It has a smaller footprint than my Galaxy Nexus and the rear of the phone is curved and fit in my hand nicely. The screen is bright and colors are sharp. The camera is great, and very quick to respond which is one thing I really hated about the Galaxy Nexus. Its HDR mode in the Camera app made for some pretty decent pictures in various light.

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