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September 2012

An Update on Pushover

posted to writings on sep 23rd, 2012 with tags android, ios, iphone, nerd, pushover, and superblock

It's been a little over 6 months since I released Pushover, the notification service with Android and iOS apps. I've been asked to post an update on how things have been going since then.

Shortly after the initial release, I received some great feedback from Chad Etzel, one of the creators of Notifo, the notification service that I used until it was shut down (which prompted me to create Pushover in the first place). Chad asked for Pushover to support sending messages with URLs that can open external apps, and Pushover soon gained supplementary URL support which required changes in the API and on both Android and iOS apps.

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March 2012

Building Pushover

posted to writings on mar 16th, 2012 with tags android, ios, iphone, nerd, pushover, ruby, and superblock

On March 7th, 2012, I announced the launch of Pushover, a simple mobile notification service with device clients available for Android and iOS. I kept some notes during the development process, which mostly occurred in the evenings and weekends around my other work.

I had been using Notifo for a year or so to receive push notifications on my phone from my custom network monitor, but last year the free service announced it was shutting down. When I switched back to my Android phone a few months ago, I was unable to download Notifo's Android app which never made it out of beta.

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November 2008

my thoughts on the nokia e71

posted to writings on nov 25th, 2008 with tags e71, iphone, nerd, and phone

i've been using my nokia e71 for a week and a half now and there are quite a few things that i like, and quite a few that i don't.

one of the first things i did when i got it (after buying an 8gb micro-sd card for it) was pair it with my imac over bluetooth, then run isync and push my calendars and contacts to it wirelessly. the ironic part, of course, is that isync is made by apple and comes with mac os x, but it doesn't work with apple's own iphone. it does, however, work with pretty much every other non-apple phone i've ever had.

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on the blackberry bold

posted to writings on nov 4th, 2008 with tags blackberry, iphone, nerd, and phone

over a year ago, i switched from a blackberry curve to the apple iphone. the iphone has been a fairly good smartphone and i haven't had too many complaints, until a month or two ago when everything on it started to get really slow and laggy. opening an application like notes or sms would take a few seconds to show anything, then another 5 or so seconds to actually respond to a tap. by the time the camera application would actually show its video, whatever i wanted to take a picture of had usually changed or moved.

the lack of 3rd party apps quickly led me to jailbreak it so i could run things like mobileterminal with openssh and vnc. while neat at first, jailbreaking quickly became a pain in the ass, usually leaving me a version behind the current release for a while until a stable jailbreak had been released. i resisted upgrading to the 2.0 firmware for a long time partly because it hadn't been jailbroken, and the app store apps were pretty lame compared to what i already had installed.

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September 2008


posted to writings on sep 13th, 2008 with tags iphone, todo, and web, last updated on sep 13th, 2008

here are some ideas i've been thinking about but am too busy/lazy/stupid to implement:


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July 2008

disabling auto-correction on the iphone 2.0 firmware

posted to writings on jul 21st, 2008 with tags iphone and nerd

i upgraded my iphone to the 2.0 firmware yesterday since the jailbreak was just made available. sadly, some of the apps i was used to don't work on 2.0 yet (sendpics, mcleaner, etc.) but one of the most annoying changes was that i couldn't easily disable the typing auto-correction with a tweak to the preference plist like i did with the 1.1.x firmware.

however, it seems if you just move the dictionary out of the way, it accomplishes the same thing:

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January 2008

a million died to make this sound

posted to writings on jan 2nd, 2008 with tags iphone, nerd, and sqlite

someone finally made a utility for the iphone to constantly alert you when you have unread sms messages. usually the iphone just vibrates and alerts once when you get a message and if you miss those, you usually never notice the message until much later. the continuous nagging was something i missed from my treo.

however, i didn't like that it vibrates every 15 seconds and that it will vibrate right after you get a message even if you haven't really "missed" it. since it's just a shell script that calls "sleep 15", it isn't really smart about what a missed message is. so i modified it to wait 60 seconds between alerts and only alert when an unread message is older than 60 seconds, so you have time to actually see the new message before being nagged about it.

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