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April 2008

you're not living, you're just killing time

posted to writings on apr 20th, 2008 with tags corduroy, superblock, and work

after some delays in getting a credit card processor hooked up to the signup system, corduroy is live.

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full tilt boogie

posted to writings on apr 9th, 2008 with tags activerecord, corduroy, quickbooks, rails, ruby, superblock, and work

"we" have been working pretty hard lately on corduroy, a web-based billing system for small businesses. the live demo site is available showing off its features and functionality and the signup system will be ready shortly to start taking subscriptions.

i started writing corduroy years ago out of a personal need for a billing system for superblock. i tried quickbooks and hated it; all i wanted was a simple system for making professional-looking invoices and keeping tabs on my accounts. so, i quickly ditched quickbooks and started writing a web-based system in ruby on rails which i have been using ever since.

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