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Rode 9.8 miles

posted to bike rides via mytracks on dec 17th, 2009 with tags bike, soho, and trek and commented on twice

This ride was 51 minutes long, covering 9.8 miles.
Ride speed averaged 11.7 miles per hour and peaked at 20.9 miles per hour.

yay biek lanes and 72 degree weather.

this was recorded with the motionx gps app on my iphone which has kind of a clunky interface, but can email out kml files.

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sma (authentic) on december 17th, 2009 at 13:12:06:

yay, you're riding.

can't remember if you told me or not, but do you just keep the phone in your pocket?

just buy a garmin edge already!

they're much cheaper on ebay, fwiw

joshua (authentic) on december 17th, 2009 at 13:13:48:

yeah, i just keep it in my pocket and the app still runs while it's locked. if i wanted i'd probably just get an iphone mount to keep it on the handlebars/stem to look at it while i'm riding.