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R32 at 41,056 miles

posted to 2004 volkswagen r32 on dec 13th, 2006 with tags cars and r32

after bringing in my car on 2006-11-20 to have another faulty o2 sensor (bank 1, sensor 2) replaced, i was told the part was not in stock and i would have to bring the car back. i did so on 2006-12-11 once the part had arrived and waited what was supposed to be an hour and a half for the sensor to be replaced. after 3 hours, i was told that the sensor had been replaced but the fault was still there, so they had to swap out the wiring. i was given a loaner car and then told that after the wiring had been replaced, the fault was still there, so the second rear o2 sensor would also be replaced, which again, was not in stock. everything was finally fixed and working again on 2006-12-13.

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