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pullup counter (Set of 8 photos)

posted to photosets on apr 19th, 2012 and commented on once

A nerdy project I have been working on.

An alix 3c board running OpenBSD reads an IR proximity sensor connected through a Phidget 2x2 USB interface board, which is mounted above a door frame where my pullup bar is mounted.

A ruby script reads the data coming from the Phidget and determines when a pullup has been made, then plays a sound through a speaker and logs it to Fitbit through their API.

All of this so I can count and track how many pullups I do each day.

Comments? Contact me via Twitter or e-mail.

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on usb wireless
joshzhixel (authentic, via flickr) on april 20th, 2012 at 05:34:00:

Batman will never see this coming!