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macbook air 13" (Set of 13 photos)

posted to photosets on jul 10th, 2011 and commented on once

i wanted a small laptop to run openbsd on, and since the samsung series 9 11" was no good, and my 11" macbook air has an nvidia chipset (so no x or suspend support), i bought a 1st generation macbook air since it has intel video.

i bought it off of ebay for cheap but didn't realize it already had an ssd so i ordered the super talent ssd in advance. since the toshiba ssd is old and has been used for 3 years, i figured i'd replace it anyway.

a common problem on the 1st gen airs was that the thermal paste on the cpu was applied poorly, making the laptop run very hot, leading to the fan running loudly, and eventually making the 2nd core shutdown. i removed the thermal paste and reapplied some new paste properly. it runs a bit cooler and quieter now, though the fan is still on most of the time (even under mac os) unlike my 11" air.

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on macbook air sloppy thermal paste
soytea (authentic, via flickr) on july 10th, 2011 at 11:46:08:

Wow, that is bad.