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specialized langster (Set of 6 photos)

posted to photosets on apr 18th, 2011

2011 specialized langster steel

52cm frame
crank brothers mallet II pedals


in 2009 i tried to find a felt curbside in blue, but felt had already stopped production on that color.

i got a trek soho s instead, but that got stolen a year later when i moved to chicago in 2010.

i got an old lotus off of craigslist to hold me over until the next year. it was heavy, had bent wheels, and i had to replace its crankset and bottom bracket.

in march, i tried to order a 2011 felt curbside in white, but after a few weeks, the bike shop said felt had stopped production of white, and the 2011 white models were just carryovers from 2010.

so, i ordered this specialized langster from another shop. it came in and had bent dropouts, so they had to send it back for another one.

i installed another set of crank brothers mallet 2 pedals, removed the back brake, swapped the levers, and removed a bunch of stickers and reflectors.

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