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nook color (rooted) (Set of 15 photos)

posted to photosets on jan 20th, 2011 and commented on three times

i bought a nook color to root and use as an android tablet, since i already have a kindle 3rd gen that i prefer to use as an ebook reader

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on amazon kindle app on a nook color
daceami (authentic, via flickr) on january 20th, 2011 at 11:44:04:


on launcher pro homescreen
joshzhixel (authentic, via flickr) on january 20th, 2011 at 15:45:29:

is it good? is it bad? I kind of want an android tablet but I'd rather it be 10" and the honeycomb thing they showed off at CES looked neat

on launcher pro homescreen
symmetricalism (authentic, via flickr) on january 21st, 2011 at 12:39:44:

the android experience on it is less than stellar. i don't know if i'm spoiled by cyanogen on my phone or if it's the cpu/screen differences (1ghz vs 800mhz), but android on the NC is pretty sluggish. there is a froyo build to replace the stock rom (since rooting it just allows for installation of other apps, it's not a new rom) but it looks kind of buggy right now. the lack of decent apps is also frustrating. i spent about 20 minutes trying to find an android equivalent to streamtome and just got a bunch of junk that barely worked. i guess i don't use enough apps on my phone to really notice, but there's just so much crap on the android market.

the battery life seems good. i used it for an hour or so and the battery indicator had barely moved. i don't know how many hours it's expected to get when used with heavy wifi as a media player or web browser.

it's really heavy compared to my kindle, so i don't know how anyone uses it as an e-book reader, though compared to the ipad i guess it's not bad. i do like the form factor in that you can grab it with two hands and type comfortably, but on the ipad i had trouble reaching my thumbs to the center keys so i'd have to rest it on something and type with my index fingers. i don't think i'd want anything with a screen bigger than an ipad.