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What I'm Doing Now

This is my /now page, last updated .

Note: More detailed information about all of my various projects can be found on my projects page.


My wife Michelle and I got married in 2015 and welcomed our first child, William (Liam), in May 2018. We moved from Chicago to Oak Park in 2016 where we live with our dog Carl and cat Halle.


I have been self-employed since 2006, mostly doing technology-related consulting and freelance software development. In 2012, I launched the Pushover notification service with iPhone/iPad and Android apps which has been quite successful and consuming most of my time in recent years.

I also develop a free, open source web browser for iOS called Endless Browser that has a focus on security and privacy. The Onion Browser for Tor was rewritten in 2018 and based on my Endless code, and a couple companies have purchased commercial licenses to use the code for their own iOS apps.


I am still an active OpenBSD developer (since 2001) and have been focused on writing kernel hardware drivers while I get OpenBSD working on newer laptops that have unsupported hardware. In recent years I've attended OpenBSD hackathons in Toronto, Calgary, and Cambridge, UK which have been really fun.

These days I'm primarily using OpenBSD on a Huawei Matebook X laptop, although I am writing SPI drivers for the new MacBook 12" to be able to properly use OpenBSD on it since the WiFi card is now supported. I need the MacBook for iOS and Android development, so it would be nice to just have one laptop and occasionally boot into macOS when I need to.

I started the Chicago Area BSD Users Group in 2016 and it's been nice to chat with local BSD users every month.

After getting a Mac 512ke last year and a Dolch PAC 64 this year, I've been doing more "retrocomputing" tinkering. I've created a modern BBS called Kludge (login as guest) which is accessible via old computers through dialup and telnet, and modern computers through a web interface. I don't know yet what it will become, but I've been having fun adding features like file areas that work over ZMODEM for traditional connections and Javascript for modern web connections.


I sold my black Lotus Exige in 2009 and since I had no need (or space) for a car when I moved to Chicago, I sold my R32 in 2010.

After a few years of moving around, I got an apartment with a garage and bought a white Lotus Exige S 240. I did a bunch of track days with it, though it was kind of a pain to deal with in Chicago because of the garage was shared with neighbors without much room to wrench on it. I sold it in 2016 to buy our house in Oak Park, but I hope to get back into something again soon because I miss being at the track.

I do still occasionally go karting at K1 Speed and Chicago Race Factory.