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I remember the first time I drove a moon crane

posted to writings on sep 30th, 2012 with tags adam, dave, karting, and me

After another stretch of not karting for almost 2 years, Dave, Adam and I went karting at Chicago Indoor Racing's Addison facility. I won the 3 races on track 7 with a 15.993, 15.800, and then a 15.743. I, Adam, and Dave set the 3 fastest times of the week with 15.743, 15.855, and 15.909, although looking at our last races on what would appear to be the same track configuration, Dave and I were running quite a bit faster back then. Maybe we've all just gotten heavier in 2 years.

Two employees asked if they could race with us because "we looked fast" and I was able to stay ahead of them each time, but maybe they were going easy on us.

According to my last printout, I am ranked 818th out of 274,402 racers. I'd like to go there more often, especially since I haven't had a real car to drive in 2 years, but it's not exactly easy to get to out in Addison. Maybe I should just buy another Exige.

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