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Rollerblades and Windows ME

posted to writings on jan 19th, 2011 with tags dave, eric, karting, and lauren

After not karting for over a year (and not even driving a car for 4 months), Dave, Eric, Lauren and I went karting at CIR's Addison facility.

Lauren didn't race, so Dave, Eric and I did 3 races on track 7. The first race, I had a best lap of 15.455, the second, Eric and I both had a best of 15.385, and on the third race I did a 15.443. Dave set the best lap time of the week with a 15.306 in the last race and Eric and I both tied for 2nd with our previous 15.385. Though as the girl at the counter said, the week started a day ago. Dave is currently 13th for the month and Eric and I are both 16th. Not bad for never even seeing the track before.

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