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hindsight is always 20/20

posted to writings on aug 24th, 2010 with tags birthday and me and commented on four times

well, another year down. while i was 27, i:

  • got more into biking but still refused to get more than one gear.
  • took the openbsd mirror out of service for good, after 9 years. the domain name is currently unused and i'm still trying to figure out what to do with it.
  • sold my 2006 lotus exige in a poor plan to buy and put together an ultima gtr. i miss my exige dearly and torment myself by still subscribing to the for-sale forum on lotustalk to see all the cars available for sale that i can't buy.
  • did some more karting.
  • made a mobile website for metra train schedules after having to go down to chicago all the time. still maintaining it and getting positive feedback on it, even though metra finally created their own mobile site.
  • got the itch again to have a track car, so i drove to minneapolis, minnesota with dave to pick up a 1998 bmw m3. i did some work on it and cleaned it up a bit.
  • sold my mytouch 3g and got another iphone 3gs, but this time a factory unlocked version to use on t-mobile.

in late 2009, i decided to move to tucson, arizona with my girlfriend. we drove her stuff out there in november, i flew back, said bye to my friends and family, put my house up for sale, and packed up a moving van with everything i owned. over the next few days, carl and i drove the 26-foot moving truck with my r32 in tow across the country to tucson.

while i was in tucson, arizona, i:

  • rode my bike about every other day or so.
  • saw some mountains.
  • sold my factory unlocked iphone 3gs and went back to android with an unlocked nexus one.
  • sold the e30 m3 that i was keeping in my garage back in illinois. i didn't have a place to store it in tucson and it wasn't as streetable as i was hoping, so i listed it on and found a local buyer right away.
  • ate lots of mexican food and had lots of mexican coke with real sugar.
  • started cooking like a real grown up.
  • had lots of different beer.
  • flew back to chicago to visit family. lost my superblock hat in the process.
  • rescued a dog we named bella, a yellow lab/pit bull mix. she got along very well with carl, though she was infested with ticks and had a bunch of health problems when we first got her.
  • got an ipad.
  • cooked some more.
  • bought a new imac, took it apart right away to install an ssd but had lots of problems with an annoying high-pitched whine from the lcd, which, after being serviced at two different apple stores and still not fixed, drove me to sell it.
  • had a visit from sma, who flew out and rented a bike to ride up mount lemmon while i played sag wagon.
  • still didn't sell my house back in illinois after 6 months, so i found a local management company that handled finding a tenant to rent the house out.

things didn't work out with my girlfriend, so carl and i moved back to illinois. my house had been rented out, so after a temporary stay at sma's house, i moved into an apartment in chicago in the wicker park area.

while in chicago, i:

  • was able to see my friends and family again, and attend madelyn's second birthday party.
  • continued riding my bike almost every day.
  • had to drive back to tucson to get the rest of my things, but not wanting to rent an expensive moving truck, i rented an enterprise cargo van with free, unlimited mileage, and then drove 3765 miles in 84 hours, killing a bird in the process.
  • unpacked all of my stuff and realized i have no room for most of it, so i sold it.
  • did the l.a.t.e. ride with sma and some friends.
  • got audited by the irs, most likely due to the fact that my mortgage company misreported my mortgage interested paid. thanks, wells fargo.
  • got my trek soho stolen that very same day.
  • bought a wonky fixed-gear bike to get me around, after making it less flamboyant and flipping it to a freewheel gear.
  • went on a bike ride out in the burbs with sma and friends.
  • made some new friends and went bowling and swimming a lot.
  • went to a cabin in the middle of indiana with some of those friends, then got a flat tire on the way back, couldn't get the car up onto the tow truck, so we pulled the wheel off, had the tow truck driver drive us and the wheel to a tire store 45 minutes away, got a new, mismatched sized tire mounted, drove back, put the wheel on, tried to drive home, sat in traffic for a half hour while the car overheated, and finally got home
  • and finally, saw some races.

and after four years of self-employment, i have a hard time remembering what it's like to go into an office every day and not be able to drive across the country on a whim.

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bob (authentic) on august 24th, 2010 at 04:19:38:

Happy birthday sir. Well, it looks pretty happy on paper. Except for the M3, iMac, drive-to-Tuscon (2.0), audit, stolen trek, flat tire...wait...27 sucked for you ;)

ikor (not authenticated) on august 24th, 2010 at 04:33:48:

happy birthday, sir.

mc (authentic) on august 26th, 2010 at 02:08:17:

Happy birthday!

be.puff (authentic) on august 26th, 2010 at 17:51:17:

Happy birthday jcs)!