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some things about tucson

posted to writings on dec 30th, 2009 with tag me and commented on five times
  • there is no 93 octane gas here. 91 is as high as it goes, just like in california. good thing i didn't get that GIAC 93 flash for my r32.
  • in traffic, the left green arrow comes after the regular green light, and pretty much every intersection lets you turn left on a regular green light if you can make it. i believe the idea is that if the turning traffic can clear out while the light is green, the cross traffic doesn't have to wait, and then traffic doesn't pile up in the turn lanes waiting for another cycle.
  • at most crosswalks that aren't at stoplights, if you press the walk button, overhead lights will flash and all traffic has to stop for you until the lights stop flashing.
  • there are bike lanes on pretty much every road, and every sign indicating a right-turn lane reminds drivers to yield to cyclists. there are also dedicated bus lanes on many of the busy roads where bikes can go but cars can't.
  • i haven't seen many speed cameras, but they have radar vans which are supposed to photograph speeders.
  • anywhere the road dips (under a bridge or even slightly) there are signs telling idiots not to drive through when the road is flooded. apparently flooding is quite common here when it rains, and quite a few roads dip down in the median/turn lanes and are grated to help against flooding.
  • there are a lot of cars here with mexican license plates, but i haven't seen any mexico-specific car models (or badgings) like SEATs or the vw bora. i wonder how difficult it is to buy a car like the audi s3 in mexico and keep it here.
  • old beat up cars have no rust. it's kind of odd when you first notice it; they're just old and dented, but there's no rust on them so they look nicer.
  • my car insurance for the r32 went up (or will once i register it in arizona), according to the state farm agent, because the car is now closer to mexico.
  • our house has a big palm tree in front of it, and our back yard is mostly dirt with a big cactus in it. carl has not had any encounters with wildlife yet, but i suspect he will try to eat (or maybe just bark at) anything smaller than him.
  • arizona doesn't do daylight saving time, so our timezone is always mountain standard time. ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/US/Arizona /etc/localtime
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sma (not authenticated) on december 30th, 2009 at 07:51:55:

needs more pictures. show us your home and stuff like that :)

joshua (authentic) on december 30th, 2009 at 07:54:00:

i'm trying to be secretive about it... carl has had some recent trouble with the paparazzi.

bob (authentic) on december 30th, 2009 at 11:26:00:

EH, couple of things: Watch for Carl-eating animals. Also, what is a mexican license plate? Is there such thing as a arizonian license plate? I think it should be a mexico license plate.

Sorry. Someone had to say it. Hi Sam.

joshua (authentic) on december 30th, 2009 at 11:28:03:

Ari·zonan, Ari·zoni·an adj. & n.

kmh (not authenticated) on january 28th, 2010 at 15:47:31:

purportedly GIAC's flashes are simply 'pump' and will 'adapt' to the octane used, 91 or 93.