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i don't have a witty title for this

posted to writings on oct 11th, 2009 with tags adam, dave, jenny, and karting

i went karting at cir again with dave, jenny, and adam.

the first race i was just really out of it and not trying very hard for some reason; a 15.69 best resulted.

on the second race i had a kart with really bad brakes, so i couldn't keep the throttle down while braking or it would understeer really badly and plow through turns, but i still managed to turn a 14.96. adam set a new best-of-week lap time of 14.57 on that race.

on the final race, i finally got a good kart and was hell-bent on getting back at dave for spinning me in the second race. we had some new people out with us so it was fun having to dodge them (an employee told dave and i to "be nice to the rook's" before getting into the karts) while bombing dave and adam as much as possible. i won that race, set the second fastest lap time of the week, and set my new personal best of 14.67.

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