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having been destroyed, it is now indestructible

posted to writings on aug 7th, 2009 with tags karting and me and commented on once

dave wanted to go karting, so we went to cir. i haven't been there in a year but the track 1 configuration is still the same. i placed 1st in all 3 races, setting the best lap time of the week on the first race with a 15.07. the pro karting guy (you can always tell who they are because they show up with their own nomex suits) that placed second must have got mad that i beat him, so he did the next race (with only 3 other people) and set a new week-best of 14.77. i got my best down to 15.02 on the second race, and then a 15.26 on the third race with a kart that had a really loose throttle cable.

though now that my helmet has a tinted visor, everything is kind of dark in an indoor karting track. luckily there were no turtle shells or banana peels to avoid.

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bob (not authenticated) on august 8th, 2009 at 04:30:40:

OK, wait, I'm lost. Which one of you is The Stig?