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posted to writings on may 11th, 2009 with tags meta, nerd, and openbsd

since i've gotten a few e-mails on it and google is still sending traffic to me, my openbsd on laptops pages are no longer here (and are now redirecting to this post). i removed them from the site in 2008 because all of the information was outdated, save for my current laptop. most of the laptop models i wrote about are outdated anyway, but even if you did find and purchase them now, i'd rather you try the latest openbsd release or a -current snapshot and see what works and doesn't, rather than rely on something i said about the state of openbsd a year ago.

my /laptops/ urls were temporarily redirecting to the i386-laptop.html page on the openbsd website, but that page was itself removed in february 2009. a few openbsd developers agreed that laptops aren't special hardware anymore and should just work without a list of hacks or special Xorg configs. if things don't work, file bugs and work to get them fixed.

and while i'm on the meta subject, can spammers stop with all the comment spam? i realize this is pointless since spammers just do a spray-and-pray and never check that their spam actually makes it through, but come on. i'm able to detect and block about 99% of it that i don't even have to pass to defensio, which was doing a pretty good job of blocking 99% of it before.

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