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god god

posted to writings on dec 7th, 2008 with tags nerd, openbsd, rails, and ruby

i'm using god on openbsd (kqueue) to monitor a dozen mongrel processes for various rails sites on one of my servers. i started using it just to have a simple way of restarting each collection of processes when i need to load new code or just start them when the machine boots up. eventually, i added cpu and memory checks to kill processes that go stray for too long, which doesn't happen that often.

however, now the task that constantly uses too much memory and cpu is... the very task that is supposed to be watching for tasks using too much memory and cpu.

root     29381 10.7  4.2 95096 87316 p0- R     29Nov08  789:23.83 /usr/local/bin/ruby /usr/local/bin/god -c /etc/god/dualism.god --no-syslog

i think i need a god god now, or my god config needs a rule to watch itself and then commit suicide when it starts using more resources than all of the tasks it's watching. stupid.

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