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posted to writings on sep 13th, 2008 with tags iphone, todo, and web, last updated on sep 13th, 2008

here are some ideas i've been thinking about but am too busy/lazy/stupid to implement:


  • a reverse friendfeed that lets you push data to all the sites you're a member of. if my name, e-mail address, street address, etc. changes, or i want to upload a new picture/avatar, i should be able to do it once and have it pushed to all of the sites that i use that need that data. it should use flickr-style authentication api's so i don't have to give my passwords to this intermediate site.
  • a for movies. basically imdb but focus less on technical information for movies and more on the social aspect. let me "scrobble" (or whatever it will be called) and rate movies as i watch them, let me see what movies my friends watched and how they liked them. provide a central place to see movie trailers and let me mark which movies i want to see, then when they are about to be released, automatically notify me and show me the times it is playing at all of my favorite nearby theatres. maybe hook into netflix and hulu to extract movies recently watched to automatically "scrobble" them. provide data feeds of all of this data like

iphone applications:

  • an alarm clock that uses the accelerometers to detect when the phone has been moved a significant amount, and until it hasn't, keep sounding the alarm every few minutes even if i acknowledge it. i sleep with my iphone in a speaker dock thing next to my bed and when my alarm goes off, sometimes i just tap ok or whatever it says and fall back asleep. until i get out of bed and take my iphone with me, i want it to keep going off. this would probably have to be a non-appstore app because it should run in the background like the built-in alarm application and not require me to enter in a new alarm every day and keep the app running in the foreground before i go to sleep.
  • a reverse mcleaner that allows you to block outgoing phone calls and text messages according to specific rules. probably 95% of the phone numbers i have in my phone will never be called outside of monday-friday 9-5. if one of my idiot friends gets ahold of my phone at a bar on a friday night at 11pm, he shouldn't be able to dial my mom or some work contact without being prompted for some code. this could also have something more complicated than a code to prevent people from drunk dialing their ex's as well. maybe some complex math problem that no drunk person would be able to solve. the rules could also be set to require a simple confirmation for any time of the day, since i have accidently called someone from the "recents" screen more than once by tapping on their name instead of the little arrow on the right side.
  • a simple, working jabber client that works in the background. that's it! why is it so hard to find this? i used jivetalk on my blackberry and it worked perfectly. everything i've tried on the iphone is either aim or doesn't do jabber, has all kinds of extra crap in it that makes it unusable, can't connect/login to my server (!), or won't work in the background. while i had my blackberry, i made my network monitor send me alerts through jabber since it was free, but now that i have an iphone i had to go back to sending sms messages which are expensive and are annoying to handle with the native sms app (sms messages sent through email to come with a different "from" address every time, so they don't get grouped together in the sms app).
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