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disabling auto-correction on the iphone 2.0 firmware

posted to writings on jul 21st, 2008 with tag iphone

i upgraded my iphone to the 2.0 firmware yesterday since the jailbreak was just made available. sadly, some of the apps i was used to don't work on 2.0 yet (sendpics, mcleaner, etc.) but one of the most annoying changes was that i couldn't easily disable the typing auto-correction with a tweak to the preference plist like i did with the 1.1.x firmware.

however, it seems if you just move the dictionary out of the way, it accomplishes the same thing:

iPhone:~ root# cd /System/Library/TextInput/
iPhone:/System/Library/TextInput root# ls
TextInput_da.bundle/  TextInput_it.bundle/  TextInput_pt.bundle/
TextInput_de.bundle/  TextInput_ja.bundle/  TextInput_ru.bundle/
TextInput_en.bundle/  TextInput_ko.bundle/  TextInput_sv.bundle/
TextInput_es.bundle/  TextInput_nb.bundle/  TextInput_zh.bundle/
TextInput_fi.bundle/  TextInput_nl.bundle/
TextInput_fr.bundle/  TextInput_pl.bundle/
iPhone:/System/Library/TextInput root# mv TextInput_en.bundle oldTextInput_en.bundle
iPhone:/System/Library/TextInput root# reboot

it doesn't seem to be any faster, but it doesn't correct anything and i haven't noticed any ill effects.

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