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and on the nokia n810

posted to writings on jul 20th, 2008 with tags 770, laptops, n810, nokia, openbsd, and zaurus

i don't remember what prompted it, but i also bought a nokia n810 the other week. i bought a nokia 770 two years ago and it sucked, but now that it has a physical keyboard and gps, i figured i'd give it another try.

i found the casing to be a bit flimsy. when the keyboard was extended downward, the display wouldn't sit still and would kind of tilt one way or the other. the keyboard was not very easy to type on, but certainly easier than pecking at an on-screen keyboard like with the 770.

the webcam was pretty much useless due to the image quality being so poor. the overall operating system is still a bit sluggish. it's nice that it has a mozilla-based browser now, but it's also pretty slow on such a weak cpu.

i think it would make for a nice openbsd platform, though, maybe as a newer zaurus-type portable machine. i didn't find much use for it though and returned it for a refund.

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