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don't get on my case, familiar person

posted to writings on jan 9th, 2008 with tags dbus, gaim, growl, openbsd, perl, and pidgin

a while back i wrote a half-assed growl-like notification system called "meow" that i could use on openbsd. i wrote a gaim plugin that used meow to notify me of new messages so i wouldn't have to keep switching back to the workspace it was in to see who was talking to me. but it was a perl plugin for gaim and i didn't remember how i got perl support working in the openbsd port. the port's maintainer didn't care to fix it and i could never get it working in any future releases. so without gaim notifications, i didn't really have much use for meow and it was scrapped.

recently this bothered me again so i looked into writing another plugin for gaim pidgin. i read up on its dbus support and with a quick port of ruby-dbus, i had a working ruby script listening to pidgin events via dbus and sending notifications to meow. but as it turns out, dbus is used in a lot of software these days and has its own specification for notifications (for which a notification daemon exists in openbsd's ports). i installed it and changed a few lines in my new plugin to just send the events back through dbus to the notification service:

it looks nicer than meow and this whole dbus business is somewhat standard, so i guess i'll just scrap meow and proceed to do things through dbus notifications from now on.

the code for the dbus pidgin script is on my newly-resurrected code page.

oh, and if you want the notification-daemon to show stuff in the top right corner like meow/growl, just change its popup_location setting:

jcs@hornswagle:~> gconftool-2 --type string \
    --set /apps/notification-daemon/popup_location top_right
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