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because the enemy of my enemy is my friend

posted to writings on feb 3rd, 2007 with tags laptops, nerd, openbsd, and oqo

i placed an order for an oqo model 02 the other week but they're not shipping until the end of the month or next month. i am not very optimistic that anything on it will work under openbsd.

i finally committed my pckbd diff for openbsd that makes the keyboard on the 01/01+ work without requiring a hack or (hopefully) breaking any other keyboards. this came about after deraadt@ and itojun@ requested that i try to come up with a proper fix that didn't require any patches, since itojun runs openbsd on his oqo and theo was supposedly going to get one.

since i sold my oqo over a year ago, steve (who also gave tom@ an intel mac mini) lent me his model 01+ to debug the problem.

for some reason i couldn't get the wireless on the oqo to work and i didn't have the dock cable to use the wired ethernet. since i didn't want to install openbsd over the windows installation, i installed openbsd on a memory key (which, ironically, i got for free at opencon) and booted the oqo to that. but since the oqo only has one usb port and i was constantly rendering the keyboard useless, i had to use the usb keyboard from my imac which luckily had two additional usb ports on it. my setup eventually became:

usb keyboard from my imac
|          |
(usb)      (usb)
|          |
usb serial   usb thumbdrive for root
openbsd server
me ssh'd in from my x40, running cu to access oqo's console

hooray for openbsd's excellent usb support. after a few dozen kernel builds, i had a diff that worked on the oqo and didn't break my libretto l5 or thinkpad x40. that diff was sent to tech@ and misc@ and tested by some users without any breakage, and then it went into the snapshots.

after a report that the diff broke openbsd under parallels (figures, the only keyboard it broke on wasn't even a real keyboard) i tweaked it and that new diff made it into newer snapshots. after waiting as long as i could to receive any reports of breakage, i committed it on 2007-01-30. it's now in newer snaps and will be in openbsd 4.1, so if your keyboard doesn't work for the next release, you can only blame yourself for not testing snapshots.

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