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Video: Two laps around Putnam Park

posted to 2008 lotus exige s 240 on aug 10th, 2015 with tags exige, lotus, and me and commented on once

My first time at this track and I had a lot of fun figuring it out. This is my fastest lap of the day, a 1:22.57 followed by a 1:22.67.

The run groups were pretty small so it looks like I'm on the track by myself, which unfortunately makes for some boring video.

2008 Lotus Exige S 240
Gator Motorsports - Putnam Park - August 9, 2015

Video from a GoPro Hero 3 (I have since realized I need to enable the "spot meter" to get better color of the track instead of the interior)
GPS data from a SkyPro XGPS160 10Hz GPS
OBD data from an OBDLink MX
Data collection and timing from Harry's Lap Timer
Overlay with RaceRender

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1 Comment

Steven Hartwig (authentic) on august 11th, 2015 at 07:23:47:

Enjoyed this very much, great drive, looks like you figured the track out quickly.