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Exige S at 12,532 miles

posted to 2008 lotus exige s 240 on apr 22nd, 2015 with tags exige and lotus

After driving with the Reverie XC seat a few times, I decided it would not work out for me. My torso is too short for the shoulder bolsters and the lower sitting position affects my field of vision too much. I could have probably raised the seat up a bit, or added some padding to the base of the seat, but the fact that I couldn't use the factory 3-point seatbelt was more of a hassle than I anticipated. Having to attach and remove the 6-point harness every time I got in and out of the car was a pain, and not being able to lean forward while driving to reach things or look in my blind spots makes it hard to use on the street.

I removed the Reverie seat and had an upholstery shop cut a hole in the stock seat padding and sew in a leather patch. I reinstalled the stock seat and now I can use the anti-sub belt with the harness on the track, but still use the 3-point on the street.

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