I am joshua stein, 32 years old, currently living in Chicago, Illinois with my fiancée Michelle, dog Carl, and cat Halle. I write software and provide various technology-related services under the guise of Superblock, LLC.

This is my personal website that I have been updating since 1999. It has previously lived at the rt.fm and lowerca.se domains.

I can be contacted via e-mail at <jcs@jcs.org>. If you are contacting me about one of my projects, please visit that project's page first as there may be better ways of getting help or reporting problems.

I can be found on various other websites, though much of the data I publish on them is aggregated here for your and my convenience:

Most of that data aggregates to categories on my website:

My modification and maintenance logs for my current car is available:

Logs for my old cars are still available: