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A4 at 50,069 miles

posted to 1999.5 audi a4 1.8t quattro on nov 1st, 2002 with tags a4 and cars

did an oil and filter change; 4 quarts of mobil 1 supersyn 5w-30 and a bosch 3421 oil filter. for future reference, to reset the "oil" service reminder under the odometer, push and hold the right button, turn the ignition on, let go of the right button, then pull and release the left button. when display shows "---", push and release the right button and the display will show "insp". pull and release the left button and turn ignition off. turn key from off to accessory and display should not read "oil". also, the oil pan bolt should be torqued to 36 ft/lbs.

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