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A4 at 45,961 miles

posted to 1999.5 audi a4 1.8t quattro on aug 30th, 2002 with tags a4 and cars

installed an apr snub mount purchased from motopersona. definitely the messiest, hardest, and most time consuming upgrade i've done yet. had to purchase jack stands and a hydraulic lift, so at least now i'll be able to change wheels a lot quicker. the installation took about 4 hours total, not including all the trips to the store, napping on the couch waiting for the dremel battery to recharge, and leaving with eric and dave to swindle an old lady out of parts for his talon. the bumper was a pain to get off, and i broke the driver's side headlight washer in the process. i initially installed the apr mount with only slight sanding by the dremel and the vibration in the cabin was too much, so i took it all apart and sanded it down some more. the vibration was still pretty noticeable, so i decided to just put everything back together anyway. after putting all of the bumper bolts back on, though, the vibration magically disappeared. the car is smoother during shifts, mostly during downshifts. heel-toe is definitely much smoother.

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