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A4 at 44,695 miles

posted to 1999.5 audi a4 1.8t quattro on aug 15th, 2002 with tags a4 and cars

installed neuspeed short throw shifter. installation took me about 4 hours because i didn't have the right tools ready (i thought i did when i started taking the car apart...) and i was having lots of problems getting to some of the bolts due to the previous fact. the c-clamp was very hard to get off without real circlip pliers. i got the old unit out, the new neuspeed linkage in, put it in the car, then read this article at audiworld and wanted to add the zip-tie to reduce play. so i took the unit back out, disassembled it, then spent 20 minutes looking around my house for a zip-tie. guess it would have helped to find this before taking the unit out. anyway, i put it back together without the zip-tie, then re-installed it in the car. the throw is much shorter and feels more solid. the knob sits about an inch lower as well.

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