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A4 at 42,692 miles

posted to 1999.5 audi a4 1.8t quattro on jul 19th, 2002 with tags a4 and cars

brought the car to laurel once again to have them look at the rattling coming from the cat. they took about two hours just to tell me it was a rusted bolt and that it'd be an hour and a half of labor to fix it, which i'd have to pay for. i told them that i've had nothing but problems with the exhaust system and that i since i bought it from their dealership with it installed, i shouldn't have to pay to fix it. they sympathized and agreed to pay half of the labor, or eat $200 of the cost of installing a completely stock exhaust which they quoted at about $1000. i told them to just fix the bolt since i'd rather spend $1000 installing another aftermarket exhaust that fit better than the neuspeed (apr?) they then told me i'd have to come back next week to have the bolt cut since they didn't have any time to do it today (what was the point of making the service appointment?) i was given a filthy 1999 a4 2.8q tip as a loaner for the weekend.

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